Regional Ethernet connectivity markets move from initial adopter to critical mass. The number of corporate Ethernet users in Jakarta is expected to grow rapidly every year. This happens because of technological developments that are more advanced. the development of fiber optic technology has increased quite rapidly. This technology is not only used in the field of telecommunications, but many areas that have used this technology. In general, the usefulness of this transmission medium is to be a tool in communicating from one place to another. The advantages of this transmission tool is capable of transmitting large data and high speed. Most important in the world of telecommunications is to provide communication media with good service. With fiber optic system then it can minimize the loss of power occurs Most importantly, the market has moved from one high-speed data-offering service to multiple services like voice, video and data with simple friendly protocol, Ethernet interface. Despite this, having significant investment in networking and back-office support systems, the vision of a connected Ethernet fiber network is far from reality for Jakarta's 1st tier Metro service provider. Citinet works with local ISPs, IIXs, OPENIXPs and supported by expert teams at Ethernet Network to provide systems and expertise that help customers deliver their business plans and introduce new revenue generating services according to current needs and demands..


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