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The regional Ethernet connectivity market is moving from early adopter to critical mass. The number of corporate Ethernet users in Jakarta is expected to grow many times yearly.

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Amron Citinet

PT. Amron Citinet have an operating licence no. 1079 of 2014 from the ministry of communication and information Indonesia. Citinet is a provider of integrated access services for leading edge enterprises. Citinet builds and operates an office-to-office, 100 percent optical network enabling customers to create an efficient, cost effective network that breaks economic and performance barriers imposed in the last mile by complex legacy telecom infrastructures. With its Fiber Optic Network, Citinet enables customers to rapidly deliver voice, video, and data services in a simple Ethernet interface.

The company markets its multi-service offerings throughout Jakarta and through market leading strategic partners such as Hitachi, Force10, Cisco, and Raisecom. The company's expertise spans Ethernet Communications, next generation Wide Area Network product design and development. Citinet products include a full range of Ethernet connectivity service activation and management products .

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Private Optical Network

Citinet dedicates 2 strands of dark fiber in a point-to-point network. Customers enjoy greater security because the fiber is not shared with other traffic. Customers also enjoy higher reliability because Citinet will not be making changes to other customers traffic on the same fiber. Ethernet is the common interface for all of your primary networking requirements , and Citinet adds premium networking power between your LANs.

Enables Plug and Play Provisioning

Built with simple networking gear (Ethernet switches), with Common Ethernet interfaces. Customers get a comfort level that the technology will be easy to install, manage, and upgrade as your business requirements change.

Getting You Where You Need to Go

Metro Ethernet service is applicable to all buildings connected to Citinet's high speed fiber backbone. Extend your LAN into many corporate locations. Service activation is possible within rapid time frames. Upgrade to new services rapidly. Once you have a single MetroEthernet connection into your primary business locations, ordering additional Metro-Ethernet-driven services is a no-hassle event.